About MEF

MEF provides funds for:

  • Fine Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Technology
  • Language Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Special Education
  • Vocational Education

MEF Reaches goal in 2004


In the Fall of 1982, the inability of the Martinez Unified School District to fund an innovative classroom project at the junior high school sparked a search for supplemental funds. The Board of Trustees directed the Superintendent to explore the possibility of establishing an education foundation in Martinez.

A steering committee was formed to look into the feasibility of establishing a foundation to provide funds for various classroom projects. They met monthly, reviewed what other communities were doing, and recommended that an education foundation be formed in Martinez. In August of 1983, the Martinez Education Foundation held its first meeting.

MEF is a separate and independent entity from the Martinez Unified School District. All funds raised by MEF are distributed or invested in the Legacy Fund account at MEF’s sole discretion by a majority vote of the MEF Board of Directors.  MEF is an IRS 501(c)(3) Organization, Federal Tax ID No: 68-0031693.

Board of Directors

  • Cheryl Vereschagin, President
  • Rochelle Badgley, Vice-President
  • Bobbi Horack, Secretary
  • Diane Beck, Treasurer
  • Dylan Radke
  • Rose Asefi
  • Jennifer Clauson
  • John Fuller
  • Jack Funk
  • Mike Beck
  • Cynthia Webster
  • Janine Pearson
  • Larry Lippow
  • Colin Barnard
  • Richard Stahlberg
  • John Dodd